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Workshops on The Circle Way With Linnea

I currently offer workshops and coaching on The Circle Way and other asset-based practices to create a sense of shared leadership and meaningful gathering with non-profits and community groups including:


  • African Wisdom Connections Organization in Aurora, CO

  • Colectivo de Paz in Denver, CO

  • Angelica Village in Lakewood, CO

The groups practice the components of The Circle Way, and investigate how to welcome more members to their circles. AWCO is empowering grandmothers with child care knowledge so that they can counsel youth and young people of African parents who live and work in the United States. Angelica Village is creating a supportive community; and providing housing for people who have experienced homelessness, and for refugees who have recently moved to CO. Colectivo de Paz is a non-profit organization with a mission to create communities of action that empower historically marginalized peoples and families in the greater Denver area. 


The principles and practices of The Circle Way guides these organizations in cultivating shared leadership on their journey toward fulfilling their vision. 

Click HERE for more information on workshops/coaching, and grants available to cover the cost.  


Yoga and Meditation With Linnea

Yoga Videos 

Gain access to a growing library of gentle Hatha-Vinyasa, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Therapeutics videos on the Whole Root Wonder Patreon Page

Meditation Recordings

Gain access to a growing library of meditation recordings on the Whole Root Wonder Patreon Page

Yoga in Spanish at Buffalo and Sparrow


Follow Whole Root Wonder on Facebook to receive announcements for Spanish yoga classes I'm teaching as a sub with Buffalo and Sparrow. 

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