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Yoga and Meditation

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No matter how long you have been practicing yoga and meditation, Linnea creates a comfortable space to root down and strengthen from the inside out and the outside in.


Linnea's queuing is clear and calming. She also brings in a sense of humor!


Virtual or in-person.


English, Spanish, and Bilingual.

Linnea has 370+ hours of training and 14 years of teaching experience with expertise in all-levels 'Creative Hatha-Vinyasa' Yoga, Chair Yoga, Laughing Yoga, and Yoga Therapeutics for those with limited mobility.

Group or Private

Yoga Classes

​Schedule yoga or meditation with Linnea for your community or family. Linnea has experience teaching for a variety of groups including:

  • non-profits

  • staff and patients in family health clinics

  • assisted living communities

  • memory-care communities

  • recreation centers

  • churches

  • and more!

Choose from:

  • All-levels Creative Hatha Yoga

  • Align-and-Flow Yoga

  • Chair Yoga

  • Laughing Yoga

  • Private Sessions

  • Or a customized combination of styles!

Classes are in English, Spanish, or Bilingual.

$76-$120 per group session (sliding scale)

 $76-$120 per private session (discounted if you are a Patron)

Yoga for Wellness

Private Sessions

​Improve your movement, balance, stability, and flexibility. These sessions begin with a screening that determines the best practices for your unique body, mind, and spirit. You'll walk away with a personalized plan including yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, mindful eating, and ayurvedic principles.


Non-patrons contribute $76-$120 per session (sliding scale). 

Contact us to schedule!

Become a Patron to Receive Free and Discounted Sessions!

Learn more about becoming a Patron HERE and receive free and discounted sessions; PLUS you'll have access to many other benefits and content.

Let's find a rate that both dignifies my work and is sustainable for you. 


"After every class with Linnea, I feel focused and relaxed. I've never felt the benefits of yoga until I started taking classes with her." - Tess

"Linnea is by far the best yoga instructor I have had. She is excellent at explaining the poses for beginners and creates a very accepting environment for all levels." - Jessica

"Linnea is accepting, gentle, and makes me feel welcome and drawn to yoga week after week. I have less stress and anxiety, and am healthier in my decision-making." - Virginia

"I always leave Linnea's class in an inspired trance" - Jack

"Linnea's classes are calm, challenging, assertive, soft, and in touch with what yoga is really about." - Tracy

“I came to class feeling down, and now I feel ready to smile and have a great day!”
- Resident at a memory care home

“Our residents are always in a better mood after you have been here.”

- Staff at an assisted living home

“My mom doesn’t talk about many of the activities that she does here — but the chair yoga, she always tells me how much she enjoys it!”

- Daughter of a resident at an assisted living home

"The residents always enjoy it when you come."

- Lucinda, staff at a memory care home

"You are always so wonderful. When I see you come through the door, all my troubles just go away." - Resident at a memory care home

"After every time she comes here, I feel better."

- Resident at an assisted living home

"You are the best, we always appreciate you coming." 

- Resident at an assisted living home

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