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Food-Gardening and Permaculture

Growing your own food will be one of the greatest joys of your life. You'll taste a tomato like you’ve never tasted before! You'll nourish your body, mind, and spirit from your own soil. With 17 years of experience in cultivating food-gardens and certified in permaculture since 2014, we bring you expert knowledge to your food-cultivating journey. 


What you'll learn with Whole Root Wonder: 

  • Building soil

  • Choosing a location for your garden

  • Choosing the best organic and heirloom seeds

  • How to design your garden

  • Learn how to plant from seeds and seedlings

  • Create a timeline for planting

  • How to plant for a continual harvest

  • Basic permaculture principles

Above all... you'll cultivate a deep connection to the earth, your taste buds will dance with happiness, and your spirit will be delighted.

"Plants are integral to reweaving the connection between land and people. A place becomes a home when it sustains you, when it feeds you in body as well as spirit." - Braiding Sweetgrass

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Food-Garden and Permaculture Consultation and Education


Learn everything you need to know, from starting (and saving) seeds to preserving your harvest. 


Become a Patron and you'll receive free and discounted sessions; PLUS you'll have access to many other services and content throughout the year.  In-person consultations have a trip fee.​ Non-patrons contribute $76-$120 per session (sliding scale).



Workshops are available on everything from what you need to know to start a community garden, to how to get the most out of your harvest, to ideas for sharing the abundance. Contact me to chat about rates and what types of sessions would be most beneficial for your community. 

On-site or Virtual Garden Design and Coaching

Lots of little questions come up along the way, and we are available to answer your questions!

If you sign up as a Patron, you gain access to phone, text, and email support (within reason...because we need to sleep, eat, etc.!) 

Non-Patrons: Pay What You Can. 

We can design your garden for you.  Patrons have an option to use their consultation time for garden design time. Non-patrons pay $76-$120 an hour (sliding scale). 



Patrons receive educational videos shot in Linnea's back yard, recordings, writings, and tips that will support your food-growing journey; plus, you'll have access to tools to incorporate yoga and meditation into your life.

Patron tiers start at $5 a month.


Let's find a rate that both dignifies my work and is sustainable for you. 

Linnea was on the Climate Action Homes Podcast! View the recording HERE

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"Working with Linnea is such an easy and fulfilling process. I have loved every minute, and look forward to seeing my garden flourish with her sage advice! I feel lucky to know her."– Buffy Barfoot

"I loved the class. The materials were awesome! I really liked how much Linnea fostered a sense of community. I shall definitely be doing more classes and hope I can bring some more people to participate." - Rachel, Colorado Free University Student

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