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Why Become A Patron of 
Whole Root Wonder?

Become a member of Whole Root Wonder!

Patreon is a platform for us to explore and learn together, and a place for Linnea to deliver content and offerings that will enrich your life. The Whole Root Wonder Patreon page is a community of people who want to create harmony, delight, and well-being through yoga, food-gardening and intentional gathering. You'll have access to yoga, meditation, food-gardening and permaculture videos created by Linnea. Patreon, as a membership platform, also gives you access to discounted Whole Root Wonder services. You also have the satisfaction of supporting all of my work with non-profits in the

Denver Metro Area. 


Think of it as a membership to Whole Root Wonder...just like your membership to Netflix or Spotify.

Note: Patreon is required by law to add sales tax to your monthly contribution amount.

Just didn't want that you surprise you!


A thank you...

"It was quite the leap to start my own business from scratch! I have a lot of support from friends and family to brainstorm, get excited, cry, create my branding, learn about book-keeping, and more.


Just a few to mention: Whit, Claire, Camille, Rachel, Leah, Oscar, Jonathan, Janice, Ron, Mike, David, Jennifer, the CO Small Business Development Center, Amanda, Tenneson, Buffy, Paul, Briony, Pete, Satya, Dad, Mom, my brother Tim, and MORE!


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Not only does my cup runneth over, I'm drinkin' from the saucer." 

~ Linnea

Gratitude to our partners: 

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